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NODA Report
Author: Noel Rigg

This was a truly excellent pantomime with a very good script with lots of fun for the cast to perform. Jenny Nixon (Fairy Fortune) gave a most accomplished performance steering the panto in fine style with some charming acting and singing. Georgia Rigg (Snow White) gave a most enjoyable performance singing acting and dancing with supreme confidence. Olivia Griffin (Prince Ferdinand) was a very stylish principal boy and made a fine partnership with Snow White. Adam Schewtschuck-Hoyle (Dame Edna Bucket) continued the tradition of great dames that this company have enjoyed for many years making a wonderful partner for Gareth Jones as Chuckles he used every inch of the stage with a most active and funny style. Chris Hall (Merlin of the Mirror) was well organised and quite convincing. The seven dwarfs were lovely and cheeky which added much to the panto’s enjoyment. Without doubt the performance of the night was Amanda Marsden as Queen Averice she gave a most vicious snd spiteful portrayal that made your hair curl! The pantomime was very well produced and organised with some very attractive choreography danced and sung by the most proficient troupe of girls. The musical numbers were most suitable for the panto and very well timed and organised with no waiting for the numbers to start. Good sound and lighting with good costumes made for a most enjoyable evenings entertainment